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Linux kernel module for SRv6 Network Programming

Segment Routing EXTension Linux kernel module

The “SRv6 Network Programming” is a new paradigm (see the IETF draft) to support advanced services in IPv6 networks. It relies on the capability to compose complex network service by chaining individual functions distributed through the SRv6 network and to represent the chains with Segment Routing headers that are included in the IPv6 packet headers.

We are implementing the SRv6 Network Programming model in the srext Linux kernel module, supported by a CLI based configuration application called srconf. See our public code repository.

Chaining of SRv6-unaware VNFs

We implemented a testbed for an SFC use case (chaining of SR-unaware VNFs using SRv6). The testbed can be easily replicated using Vagrant/VirtualBox.

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